Bosch Hand Tool Kit (Blue, 12 Pieces)

Bosch Hand Tool Kit (Blue, 12 Pieces)


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Product Description

Bosch is giving you this 12-piece tool kit so you can get down to work. This package includes hand tools such as a screwdriver to tighten the hinges, a hammer to cut bent nails, and a screwdriver with various sizes to repair the foldable furniture.

Compact Kit
The Bosch 12 pcs accessories package is one of the best choices for anyone. The Bosch 12 pcs accessories package is not only well arranged but also very compact.

Remove the crooked nails
At times hitting a nail over wood or in a wall in a wrong way causes a twist in nails and also makes it hard to remove, the hammer that accompanies this package is horn-shaped on one side and is ideal to remove those nails easily.

Fixing of tiny furniture
The lightweight hand screwdriver in this package allows the user to tighten the hinge of the cupboard, the fan wings, the walls, etc.

Fixing folding furniture
We may need a lot of screwdriver bits of different sizes to repair foldable furniture, but the Bosch Screwdriver with bits of different sizes allows the user to complete those tasks effortlessly and rapidly.