Product Description

F Gear's laptop bag is waterproof and trendy. Your laptop backpack will hold your laptop, books, clothing, and more. It's got two sturdy padded shoulder straps.

F Gear Brown 23 Liter Laptop Backpack

External zip compartment
Utility areas and external compartments provide an additional degree of versatility to this bag. Small and sensitive objects such as keys, diaries, wallets, pen drives and smartphones can be neatly organised.

The Spacious Key Share
The classic laptop backpack has a wide main compartment. You can take your laptop together with a pair of clothes if you're going somewhere for a couple of days.

Resistance to water
The F Gear laptop backpack is water-resistant. You can carry your books, your clothes within your pack, even when it's raining. This prevents the water from getting inside your bag. In this bag, you can hold your electronic materials securely.

Water Holders
This classic laptop bag has a water bottle on the side of the bag. This is large enough to accommodate any general bottle of water. You should carry a bottle with you when you're driving.

Strong padded shoulder straps
This trendy laptop backpack has two very effective and comfortable shoulder belts. They're not going to break apart quickly. Soft padding gives you comfort when you're holding heavy stuff in your pocket. This makes this bag long-lasting for consumers.