Inalsa Sandwich Grill Toaster Toast & Co 750 Watt (Red / Black)

Inalsa Sandwich Grill Toaster Toast & Co 750 Watt (Red / Black)


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Product Description

This toaster grill comes with floating plates to change the height with the thickness of the food. It comes with a cool touch of stainless steel finish handle. Another significant aspect of this grill toaster is that it comes with a non-stick coated grill cover. Indicator for cooking is given. This appliance is easy to clean and stable.

Inalsa Sandwich Grill Toaster

Power Effective 750 Watt
It consumes 750 watts of operating voltage of 210-250 volts to heat the plates to the maximum temperature required for the grilling operation. This gadget has non-skid legs, which means that it is securely mounted on whatever surface it carries. It also has a heat-resistant body, which keeps its outer surface cool when still in use.

Non-Stick Coating Plate
The nonstick coating plate gives you a comfortable cooking experience as you don't have to worry about your sandwiches sticking to the plates any time you open your sandwich toaster, you'll find freshly made perfect sandwiches. Close the sandwich maker and plug it into the wall socket, you'll note the light is going on, meaning that the Sandwich maker has started preheating.

Integrated Indicator of Light
This useful Inalsa pan comes with an integrated light indicator on the outside of the appliance. This is helpful in showing you the progress of your sandwiches, which prevents them from getting burned. Because of this, every single time you use it, you're guaranteed to get perfectly golden brown grilled sandwiches. It will take about 3 minutes to reach the baking temperature, the cooking light will turn off.

Sleek and easy to use
The Inalsa sandwich maker looks pretty in your kitchen with a sleek brown body. The non-stick Inalsa electric sandwich maker with its non-stick heating plates can be easily cleaned and maintained. The small size of the sandwich maker doesn't take up much room in your kitchen.

Simple to Clean up
The sandwich maker is not only small in size but easy to clean, it has been built to accommodate your convenience, so you can clean it in just a few seconds.