Cuckoo Dual Oasis 7.2-Litres RO+UV+UF 7 Stage 15Ltr/Hr Water Purifier

Cuckoo Dual Oasis 7.2-Litres RO+UV+UF 7 Stage 15Ltr/Hr Water Purifier


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Cuckoo's "dual oasis" is a minimalist and trendy style perfect for homes and workplaces. The product is power-packed with "reverse osmosis membrane" which purifies water to 99. 9 per cent clean water, eliminates heavy metals, various bacteria, water-borne microorganisms and toxic substances remaining in the water and a "natural philtre" that provides a clear taste of natural water. The device has modern features for fast use, dual-socket for multiple dispensing, detachable and washable sockets to ensure the hygiene of the distilled water.

Cuckoo's RO Filter comes with a special material that eliminates up to 1/1,000,000 hair size. Ionic substances, heavy metals, microorganisms, bacteria and viruses can also be excluded.
Installation Condition: UNDER TDS 2,000 is recommended (water supply)


Coconut-based Natural carbon philtre made from coconut fruit offers a distinctly delicious and natural freshwater taste. Carbon obtained by crushing and heating the coconut shell

Cuckoo's Uniquely proprietary Natural 2.0 Filter not only eliminates toxic contaminants but also provides mineral water at the same time, making the water taste abundant.

Filter + Tube Filter Change

The water purifier philtre is an important factor in deciding the consistency of the water.

However, the fact that every single water passes between philtre and philtre is a much more important factor in determining the superior water quality.

Unlike other brands, Cuckoo carefully handles both Filter + Filter tubing to provide you with fresh drinking water.