Product Description

Motor overheat protection. Semi-transparent aerodynamically designed blade. High delivery of air. Strong engine designed for Indian weather conditions. Unique pivotal arrangement for uniform oscillation and tilting. Sweep Size: 400 mm in size. Blade Pitch: 13 degrees. Airflow: 75 centimetres

Low noise and simple maintenance
Strong and durable fan blades are made of high-quality polypropylene ( PP) which ensures high-speed air delivery with little noise. Maintenance is a breeze with these fans that can be cleaned with a single swipe.

Energy efficient 100 per cent copper engine
The powerful 100 per cent copper engine consumes 55 W at peak speed, providing efficient performance without draining energy.

Protection of thermal overload
Auto Resettable Thermal Overload Protector (TOP) prevents the fan from overheating and protects the engine from any voltage fluctuations. In case of overload, the circuit will be broken temporarily to keep the fan safe.