Product Description

Highly reliable and robust, the Orient electrical apex air ceiling fan is a must-have for your home. Available in 2 different colours, this fan blends seamlessly with the décor of your space. Equipped with a powerful copper engine, the Orient electrical apex air provides high air and air pressure to provide the best in comfort and coolness. The powder coating gives the fan a longer life.

Blade size-1200 mm (48 inches); super reliable and effective copper engine; engine speed:370 rpm
Easy configuration for simple lifestyle; the number of poles: 12; power consumption (in Watts): 40; speed setting: 5
Power consumption: 78 watts; available in brown and white colour options; compatible inverter
Air Delivery: 200 m3 / min; Service Value: 2.5 CMM / Watt; Bottom Cover Material: Aluminum
Top cover Material: CRCA; downhole Length: 206 mm
Blade material: GP; warranty: 2 years on product

Super reliable and effective Copper engine
The powerful engine ensures longer life and high-quality performance. This helps the fan to run smoothly at all speeds while ensuring optimum air delivery. Experience the calming airflow that is ideal for all seasons with this powerful fan.