HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 Stage 10 litres Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 Stage 10 litres Water Purifier


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Color: Black, Capacity: 10 litres, Power: 60 watts, Input Water Temperature: 10 up to 40 C, Operating Input Voltage: 100-300V ac; 50Hz, Material type: Food grade plastic, Pump Type: Diaphragm Pump, 24V DC. Length of the Power Adapter Cord: 1.5 metres

HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF Water purifier offers advanced 7-stage purification and includes mineral cartridges that incorporate important minerals such as calcium and magnesium to improve the taste of water. Purification process ensures that all water passes through RO ensuring no mixing of purified and impure water to provide 100% RO of purified water.

The Optical Purity Indicator on the water purifier tests water quality up to 5000 times per second to ensure the quality of the water. The device features an Advance Alert and an Auto-Shut system that ensures that you never get impure water.

Please note: 650 ml of water is poured out of the machine for every litre of filtered water. It is recommended that you save the water in the container and use it to clean the utensils, wash the clothes.
It can be used for TDS up to 2000 ppm. Please use the TDS metre to find the right TDS of your water supply before purchasing a water purifier.

Drink pure water with HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water purifier

Water is life, and we can't do without safe and clean drinking water for a healthy life. And how are we going to ensure that the water we drink is healthy for our body? Definitely, it is clean and healthy, free from germs when filtered water is collected from the HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier. This advanced water purifier has the capacity to extract 10 million germs from 1L of water as the water passes through various treatments such as UV and RO to ensure the best drinking water for you and your family.

HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water purifier The Advanced Alert System
You don't need to worry when your water purifier cartridge stops working, as the HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier comes with an advanced warning system that lets you know a few days before the GermKill cartridge stops working. In reality, this way, you have enough time to act and be ready to substitute.

Offer your family healthy drinking water with the HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier
The HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier has a number of features, such as the Neon Flash Belt, which lights up whenever the water purifier is used. In addition, the TDS modulator can enhance the taste of your drinking water. Buy HUL Pureit Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier online at a discounted price at Note: Ultima Mineral RO+UV+MF can purify water up to 28 litres per hour. However, the time taken to purify depends on the life of the philtres, the water pressure, the TDS and other impurities present in the water.