Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater (Ivory)

Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant Water Heater (Ivory)

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Product Description

Capacity: 3 litres; capacity: 3000 watts
For any product queries / complaints, please contact us at: [18004190505] (Toll Free)
Product Dimensions: 42.5 cm (length) X 22.8 cm (width) X 22.8 cm (height)
Warranty: 2 years of product
Installation of this product is not provided by the brand, Customers need to arrange installation on their own.
Steel water pump, Nano Polymer covered tank
This Geyser is also fitted with a glass wool insulation that speeds up the heating process.

Heating feature of copper
Built with a built-in coil to increase the temperature of the water, the heating system is made of high-quality copper, which does not wear out in the event of instant power cuts and voltage variations. The copper coil is long-lasting and long-lasting.

Multifunctional safety valve
The safety valve feature is programmed to automatically alleviate pressure and discharge water when the pressure reaches the preset limits. The fuse plug contributes to the protection of the plug.

Free rust coating
The glass coating tank prevents rusting and frees the component from abrasion. In addition to lower maintenance costs, the high-quality coating makes the geyser long-lasting. Safe fluid flow is also protected for your skin.

Hot Indicators
Packed with tiny LEDs, it lets you know when the water is hot and you're good to go. You won't have to wait long as the light turns to green in a flash due to its instant results.

Plastic & Stainless Steel ABS
The outer body is made of ABS plastic and the heat is trapped inside the tank constructed with a stainless steel body, making it so powerful that the output is compounded to a greater degree.