Prestige Sandwich Maker PGMFD 01

Prestige Sandwich Maker PGMFD 01

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Product Description

Prestige Sandwich Maker

Prepare safe and delicious sandwiches for the comfort of your kitchen. Non-stick coated plates require less oil when toasting, keeping sandwiches safe. Choose a selection of prestigious sandwich makers to add a touch of distinction and comfort to your kitchen.

Durable die-cast aluminium grill plates
Bakelite Body Heat Immune
Non-stick coating for oil-free toasting
Control of 700 watts

The sandwich maker has a high-quality Bakelite body that provides thermal resistance on the outside. It has a matt finish to match the exterior of your modern kitchen. The smooth surface is easier to clean and more robust.

The sandwich toaster features a power indicator that makes it very easy to use. It comes with two power indicators. The red light is switched on when the unit is preheated and the green light is switched on when the unit is preheated and when food is cooked. This makes it incredibly safe and easy to use

The non-stick heater is made of robust die-cast aluminium, requires less oil when toasting, and thus makes the sandwich safe. Helps in quick washing, too.