Product Description

Experience Secure, fast and efficient Wi-Fi link to the Tenda Wireless Router. It is the perfect solution for mid-sized and small homes to turn their lives into smart networking. It weighs 1.1 kg and measures 12.8 x 9 x 2.6 cm, making it lightweight and compact. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight body, this wireless router does not take up much of your space. It has LED lights for the router to be actively linked to Wi-Fi, WAN, LAN and WPS. This computer can be quickly set up without requiring more time, allowing you to enjoy a smooth Wi-Fi experience.

Advanced built-in features
The Tenda Wireless Router has a built-in Broadcom Chip that ensures consistent and stable wireless performance. You can now stream images, upload photos and other bandwidth-intensive activities without any interruptions. It has an IP-based broadband control choice that allows you to spread bandwidth between PCs efficiently. This feature guarantees congestion management and allows you to use the data seamlessly.

Broad area of coverage and high speed
This Wireless Router has three fixed antennas each with a power of 5dBi. These omnidirectional antennas can span a wide range of internet connexions up to 200 square metres. It helps you to enjoy surfing from every corner of your home. With this secure device, you can connect to a range of devices, including smartphones, iPods, tablets and laptops, to ensure smooth internet access. It provides a 300 Mbps download speed that is suitable for uploading images, streaming videos, video chatting and much more at a faster rate.

Tenda Wireless Router supports various technologies such as WPA, WPA 2, WPA-PSK to enhance security. It also has a one-touch WPS button that holds your signal secure every time. You can now browse the high-speed Internet link without thinking about the loss of your personal information.